J. Ashlea was founded by Jaiden Ashlea. This 22-year-old has had "girl boss" running through her veins since she was able to talk. From duct tape wallets, paintings and jewelry she knew that starting a legitimized business was in her future.  

Failure isn't a stranger to Jaiden. Time after time, doors have been slammed in her face and instead of letting those failures define her, she decided to come back stronger and more dedicated than ever. J. Ashlea is the beginning of a new era in Jaiden's life. 

After struggling with major anxiety, vertigo, and unknown health issues she decided to pour her heart into this luxury brand. The mission is to embrace the change and allow you to love every version of yourself has opened her eyes to endless possibilities on how to turn the global shopping experience into a memorable and more pleasing encounter. 

For as long as I can remember, my mom has always been a hustler. She was a single mom for many years and still built her empire from the ground up. Everyday I aspire to be as dedicated, passionate and hardworking of a woman as she is. I thank her for who I am today and all the great parts of me that have gotten me to this point. Many people don't know this and won't unless they read this excerpt but my mom believed in my passion to another level. She invested in the entire startup of J.Ashlea even after a failed attempt to start a business in 2020. J.Ashlea is forever indebted to my mom. While she will always be my Mom, she will forever be my best-friend. I hope one day to be as much of an inspiration to my kids as she is to me.