Welcome to, J.Ashlea.

Jaiden Dillon | 07 April, 2021

            Welcome to, J.Ashlea.

WOW, Launch day
As a little girl, I dreamt of this day. The day in which all of my hard work and efforts were noticed around the world. J.Ashlea isn't just a brand it is my past, present, and future. Over the years I have changed and developed into this amazing woman and I just have to say, I am proud. I am proud of myself for beating the odds when it seemed impossible, I am proud of myself for pushing through my illness when my mind said, not yet. 
As I see the comments and messages pour in with the "Congratulations!" and the "I am so proud of you." I must remind myself that none of this could have happened without my amazing mother. While I am the brains behind J.Ashlea, she invested in me. I know all mothers think their daughters are special, but mine saw something more. My drive, passion, and dedication to turn nothing into something encouraged her to help me start J.Ashlea and for that, I am forever grateful. 
Xo, J




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