The Birth of, J.Ashlea.

Jaiden Dillon | 09 April, 2021

            The Birth of, J.Ashlea.

For as long as I could remember, my dreams seemed larger than life. I always imagined my family and a successful career. At a young age, my goals were different than my peers. Growing up with a mom who has busted her ass for everything she's gotten made me want to work that much harder.
Fresh out of high school, I moved to Tallahassee, Fl, and went to the local community college. Class after class, I felt the perpetual cycle of another boring lecture that had no purpose for me. The one class that would seem the slightest bit interesting was Business management. I was so intrigued with how many intricate details went into starting a legitimized business. Shortly after my first semester, I decided that college wasn't more me.
My next venture was cosmetology school. Loving ALL things beauty I thought, "This is it! I finally found my calling!" The rush of starting something new lasted about 2 months. The perpetual cycle of another boring lecture, again. This time it was more hands-on due to the lessons being about hair. That spark was still absent. I learned quickly I didn't want to be a hairstylist. The idea of standing behind someone for hours on end perfecting their hair didn't feel right. I began to realize that wasn't my path either.
Month after month I was trying to figure out what I am passionate about. With the voices in my head saying "you have to have a generic backup plan" it felt overwhelming. Screw the backup plans! Society's opinion on getting a regular college education and having a fallback plan feels more like a leash trying to drag you down. Why put any effort into creating plan B when my plan A is what I was born to do.
I have had businesswoman flowing through my veins since before I was even born. Creating something from nothing gives me that spark. Whether it is content for my YouTube channel or working on a business, I can pour my heart into any of those things and get lost.
Yes, I have failed at a few other business ideas, but I never let that define who I am. I am 22 years old and damn proud of how far I've come in my short 22 years. Most people give up after the first few years, I chose a different path for my future, my kids, and all of the people who look up to me. I want better.
J.Ashlea is living proof that if you focus on plan A then you can achieve those dreams that seem larger than life.
Xo, J

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