J.Ashlea Initiatives

Jaiden Dillon | 09 April, 2021

            J.Ashlea Initiatives


A few months back I stumbled across a documentary that discussed WITH FACTS on how the earth is dying. After the movie I immediately began research on how I can be a better human and take care of the Earth! Most things I came across leaned towards the idea of "One person can't help the Earth it's useless." While that was extremely discouraging I was still determined. 

Slowly each day I began using more eco-friendly everyday options. Reusable bags, recycled trash bags, more natural /less harmful soaps. I try my best to still use all of those but my mind is still programmed to do otherwise. Being sustainable takes effort and dedication. 

When creating J.Ashlea I knew that sustainability would be the end goal. Creating an affordable, luxury brand while still being sustainable. 

When asked if J.Ashlea is Eco-friendly this is my answer...

While we know that J.Ashlea is not 100% Eco-Friendly, we do constantly try and learn new ways on how to be better for our environment. Learning what does and doesn't work for us and what our customers do/don't like as well. Please understand that we will always try and be the best versions of ourselves at J.Ashlea and that change is inevitable.

So yes, J.Ashlea IS Eco-friendly in the sense that our efforts will not go unnoticed to make our earth better for all. Our geographical footprint might not be huge right now but good things take time. 

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